collect adventures

I love to travel + it's probably one of my biggest passions, next to photography of course! Below is my travel schedule for both work + play. When I 'm not in these places I will be at my home base in good ol' Texas! Contact me if you'd like to schedule a session during my time while I'm in one of the places below! 


January 25th - 27th // Austin, Texas

Feb 5th - 7th // San Antonio, Texas

March 2nd -3rd // Austin, Texas

March 14th - 17th // Dallas, Texas

March 22nd - 25th // Corpus Christi, Texas

April 13th - 16th // Austin, Texas

April 19th - 21st  // Corpus Christi, Texas

May 17th - 18th // Sedona, Arizona

May 18th - 20th // Grand Canyon, Arizona

May 20th - 22nd // Antelope Canyon

May 22nd - 24th // Zion National Park

June 11th - 13th // San Antonio, Texas

June 14th - 16th // Corpus Christi, Texas

July 14th - 17th // Denver, Colorado

October 18th - 20th // New Braunfels, Texas

November 1st - 3rd // San Antonio, Texas

November 12th - 17th // San Diego, California

Here are some of my favorite photos from past adventures!